Enjoy Learning



By turning the pages of the book children can accompany Tom through his day.

By clicking on Tom the story is read out aloud.

Through clicking on the flags one can listen to the same story in a second language.

Interactive Clock

Clock hands can be moved to try out different times

Time is spoken aloud

By clicking on the flags one can easily change the language.

Background illustrations change according to daytime (Tom brushing his teeth, going to playschool, going to bed etc.)



By setting the clock to the correct time children can collect balloons.

When moving the clock hands minutes are shown such as a quarter past, half past and quarter to.

Tom‘s Clock is a fun and easy to use app to teach children how to tell the time in different languages.

With Tom the bear your child will enjoy learning how to tell the time. The little bear accompanies children on the exciting challenge of unlocking the secrets of telling the time. This intuitive and easy to use App can be understood through images and sound, therfore, does not require reading skills. Thanks to the loving handmade illustrations younger children also enjoy the App. Through the different levels of detail the App can be adjusted according to individual skills.


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